Asarci Property Scout


Asarci property scout is a property service based in Accra,Ghana and London.

We exist to reduce the chances of you getting cheated out of your hard earned money and to cut the all the long talk ,excuses and frustration associated with a Land purchase.

We specialise in providing professional services in; Due Diligence,Land surveying, Drone imaging and valuation , to serve Ghanaians in Ghana and Africans across the diaspora when it comes to Land matters in Ghana.

This wholly African owned company is a subsidiary of the ASARCI real estate company, a town builder and Land developer in Ghana that provides services to the lovers of Africa who understand the importance of the reclamation, defence and development of Ghana and the continent of Africa.

Our property scout department is technically well resourced with equipment and with the knowledge base and expertise of its staff (Surveyors, Remote pilots and Architects) across the property services industry in Ghana.

Whether you want to do a survey of your property, conduct a consolidated Land search for a potential Purchase in Greater Accra or Kumasi with the Lands commission, capture high quality images of your property build , or design building plans, Asarci property scout is equipped with the necessary equipments and talented staff-members, alongside a world-class customer service to provide our clients with consistent results and offer reliable work ethics on every project that we do.

Drone Imaging

Drone imagery doesn't lie and gives you perspective and context of your surroundings which are just as critical to the plot being 'offered' to you. In short make sure you are not buying next to a gravel pit or hazardous site.

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  Land Surveying

Land purchasing starts with the use fo a competent survey team. Contact us to get to site , get the job done and the output delivered to you quickly so we can get on with your due dilgence and progressing the deal.

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Land Due Diligence

Once you have a site plan from our survey team and they have performed some physical common sense type enquiries on the ground. Asarci will liase with the Government to check what is on record for that piece of land and most importantly make sense of it. The records department at Lands commission is a record at Lands not always reflected on the ground in reality.

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