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Leasehold land ownership is the only viable option .

If you are not comfortable with the concept of leasehold land ownership then unfortunately buying land in Ghana will not work for you.

50 Years plus an extension

On average 99 years with a 45 year extension

The longest practically possible up to a maximum of 99 years plus the relevant extension.

We provide an end to end service to provide you a clean plot of land to call your own legally. The alternative, we will leave to your imagination. We have a combined experience pool of over 80 years. We save you an enormous amount and we not just talking money !

We sell you genuine land in Ghana in great value locations . On application you will be able to have a video conference call with the owner of the business and a live video viewing of the site.

We also design residential houses for the diaspora market looking to build studio to 3 bedroom houses . We build for clients and consult for others who’s building project is clearly going wrong. 

A titled land has gone through all the process at Lands commission and has now had an official land certificate issued.

Not all areas in Ghana are under the land certificate system.

Registered land is a confirmed transaction between a buyer and seller at government level and still going through the registration process . It is the mostly commonly found status of land in Ghana until Land certificate issuance becomes more widespread

All admin Fees paid upfront ( deducted from your final balance )

25% initial deposit ( Minus admin fees )

25% downpayment at relevent stage completion

Flexible payment terms on final 50% if required

Digital and bank transfer.

Everything that it would want to know when it purchases a plot.

We believe the right time to have bought land is always 5 years ago , but if that did not happen then today is the next best time.

You don’t , its for us to prove it

The team is 7 Strong with 6 in Accra full time and has been well prepared . The founder is based between London and Accra

We have an Architect/ Quantity Surveyor, Field Surveyor , Civil engineer and Master builder on the team to ensure the right skill sets are covered .

Tennis Court : 260 Square Metres

NBA Court : 437 Square Metres

Half Plot : 325 Square Metres

Full Plot : 650 Square Metres


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