To create Organised Towns in Africa for Proud Africans who are interested in using their talents and resources for the benefit of Africa and Africans both at home and abroad.

We are honest and straightforward. We are transparent with the practical realities of property in Ghana.

We push for excellence in everything that we do and we endeavour to set ourselves apart with our high standards of client service, transparency in process and execution tailored to our client's needs.

We are realistically confident in our approach, we aim to make the process of buying land in Africa as efficient, safe and secure as possible. . 


Whether Ghanaian, Nigerian, St Lucian, Trini or African American we see ourselves only as Africans first.

The new Africa is on the cusp of an amazing growth story powered by growing economies, improved infrastructure and home to the youngest demographic in the world.

C'est dans cette combinaison de taille du marché, de technologie et de potentiel futur de nos jeunes que vous investirez.

Asarci wants to play its part.