Founder Kwabena Osei-Amoaten hails from Ejisu in the Ashanti Region, the hometown of Yaa Asantewaa. It was here he did his first land deal in 1999 at the age of 18.


As a member of the Ekuona clan, he is from a long line of ‘housebuilders’ for the Akan people, he sees this project as part of his Nkrabea (Destiny).

Deux ans après la conclusion de la transaction, il est tombé amoureux du concept de banque foncière en Afrique et savait que ce serait une grande partie de sa vie dans les années suivantes.

Countless trips to the motherland, investment of money, time and other resources enable him to now have the ability, experience, and options by which to help others acquire and develop a place to call home in the motherland.

Les dix prochaines années ne seront pas traiter seulement le mouvement de rapatriement, mais aussi traiter beaucoup plus de gens qui se soucient de développement de l’Afrique, quelle que soit leur nationalité, leurs premiers pas dans cet Asarci classé comme une obligation générationnelle.

What better way to connect to Africa than owning a piece of the ‘Motherland’


Kwabena Osei-Amoaten


Kwabena, AKA ‘Francis’ is the visionary and Founder behind Asarci. Responsible for land acquisition, due diligence, growth, and strategy.

A Masters level graduate from UCL he has been a C-level executive in the regulated online sports betting and casino industry for ten years in the UK. A property and business investor in London, Kwabena has also owned and operated telecom call centres.

He has a vast experience in land matters in Ghana and has been investing himself in land for over 20 years.

A fiercely passionate and proud African who has travelled the world he sees Asarci and the responsibility that goes with it as part of his calling and obligation.

Masroor Richie Amoada,

(Head Of Operations,Ghana)

This man is known by his peers and family as one of the 'smarts' of this world.'Richie is our most senior colleague in Ghana and second in command within the company.

Ruthlesly honest and hard-working Richie sleeps with building and construction on his mind. Hailing from Bolga and educated in the garden city of Kumasi before coming to Accra to study Building and construction at Accra Polytechnic.

Il possède une vaste expérience dans les projets de construction de routes pour le gouvernement du Ghana et de nombreux projets de construction résidentielle pour des clients privés.

Il est d’un traitement discipliné et très agréable. Il est passionné par les détails techniques qui accompagnent bâtiment et est fier de son travail. Il est notre maître d'œuvre qui contrôle l'équipe de 7 maçons et charpentiers Asarci .

Sa seule préoccupation est de faire le travail correctement et le plus tôt possible. Richie se définit comme un patriote.

Nengi Derego-Somiari

(Client Liaison Manager)

Hailing from Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Nengi has lived in Accra for 5 years. She is a 1st class honours Civil Engineer from AIT and is passionate about interior design and construction technologies.  Her personality is disciplined and driven.

Nengi heads up client liaison and sales on the ground in Ghana alongside managing relationships at the courts, lands and other public bodies that Asarci holds long-standing relationships with. You will no doubt be speaking to her often throughout your journey with us.

Malheureusement, elle est fan de Manchester United!

Suraiye Myles

(Head of Brand and PR )

Suraiye joined Asarci in May 2020, and heads up our PR & Marketing initiatives.

The key person behind the curation of our mission into the essence of the brand, Suraiye serves as our PR contact, brand strategist, content planner & copy editor, as well as daily support of our social media team.

Suraiye might also be a face you engage with once you become an Asarci client, as she often supports our clients as a customer support representative and in helping to execute our virtual events.

Joel Dianaabasi Akpan

(Social Media Services )

Joel joined Asarci in June 2020 and is usually your first point of contact when interacting with Asarci on social media platforms.

A proud African from Akwaibom,Nigeria but based in Accra his abilities are vast but his passion definitely lies in the arts as an extremely talented Musician. He understands the mission and hopes to share his own life experiences and advice through his music.

Eden Emmanuel Dagadu,

(Facilitating Architect)

Edem is a top-class engineer, quantity surveyor and is our in house facilitating Architect. Having qualified from Ho Polytechnic, he has worked for several construction firms before branching out to run his own business.

You will be collaborating with Edem and the team to create the scope by which your dream home will be designed and built. Your designs will include but not be limited to the foundation and floor plans, plumbing and electrical drawings 

Kojo Boakye Achampong

(Head of Digital Marketing )

Kojo has over 5 years of experience in the marketing industry and has executed numerous campaigns in his time. Kojo's expertise has lead him to work with some of the biggest advertisers in the UK, such as Talk Talk, Virgin Money, & TSB.

Son rôle est de s'assurer que la marque Asarci atteint les bonnes personnes et les bons environnements.

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