Leasehold land ownership is the only viable option .

Se você não se sentir confortável com o conceito de propriedade arrendada, infelizmente a compra de terras no Gana não funcionará para você.

50 anos mais uma extensão

By convention up to 99 years with an extension but there is no law on the maximum number of years permissible for a Ghanaian.

The longest practically and most importantly legally possible.

We provide a plot of Land which has already been purchased directly by the us, had full possession taken and is developed within a network of other owners who you will get to know .We have a combined experience pool of over 80 years.

We buy Land in large quantities in areas we know people actually want to live and provide it to lovers of Africa.

You will be guided through the process extremely professional and efficient to completion.

Our primary service is Land provision but we also have design and build capabilities.

A titled land has gone through all the processes at Lands commission and has now had an official land certificate issued.

The vast majority of Land in Ghana is not certificated

Registered lands are recorded at one of the departments at Lands commission but are yet to be go through the certificate process.

It is the most commonly found status of land in Ghana until Land certificate issuance becomes more widespread

Dependent on size of Land

Deposit, followed by maximum of 18 months instalment, with no interest.

Digital and Bank transfer.

Everything that is relevant, truthful and pertinent to the purchase of a particular plot.

Acreditamos que o momento certo para comprar terrenos foi há 5 anos, mas se isso não aconteceu, hoje é o melhor momento.

You don’t , its for us to prove it

The team is 18 Strong with 15 in Accra full time and has been well prepared .

The founder is based between London and Accra

Tennis Court : 260 Square Metres

NBA Court : 437 Square Metres

Half Plot : 323 Square Metres

Full Plot : 647 Square Metres


Asirica Ltd

27 Old Gloucester Street, London, England, WC1N 3AX