land purchase checks

Land Purchase Checks

There is no Land in Ghana without a history. Once you have a site plan from our survey team and they have performed some physical common sense type enquiries on the ground its time to go to the Government and check what is on record for that piece of land.

This can be a totally time consuming and frustrating process and therefore our assistance could be the difference between getting a deal done or not in a timely manner.

Not only do we possess the requisite expertise and associations to conduct due diligence on your preferred plot of Land, we do so extremely quickly and efficiently.

From consolidated Land searches with the Government of Ghana to physical verification on the ground where possible our resilient team is driven to verify the genuineness and legality of any Land you plan to purchase.

Due diligence when it comes to Land is not a fine science but there are several key smart moves that must be made before significant money starts changing hands.

Once the checks are done we will give you an opinion on what practical next steps to take but we do not provide advice.

There is always an element of risk when it comes to buying Land in Ghana, that is the reality but we can help you dramatically mitigate that risk. We will handle all the “wahala”.

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