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All thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted furniture, for your home sweet home.

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Join a thriving community that honors heritage while embracing modern living. Be part of a development that celebrates cultural identity and connection.


Build your future with our 24-year, interest-free payment plan. Your investment in Ghana grows both in value and sentiment over time.

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From browsing to owning, enjoy a streamlined buying process designed for diasporans. Our dedicated team guides you every step of the way.

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Your investment contributes to local communities, fueling growth and development. Witness the direct impact of your investment on improving lives.

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Testimonials & reviews

I only look forward to the day that we will all be able to wander our streets, pick fruit from our trees, and commune with our neighbours in the land that our ancestors have called us to! Asé

- A. Sampson

I didn't just want to build to be a neighbor, I wanted to be a "family". For me, that's Asarci. So happy I waited and then got in from the ground up.

- Mahasin&Jawaahir Amin

To do business with them is so peaceful and straightforward. Kwabena and the whole asarci team are super quick to attend to your needs, answer any questions and deliver exceptional service on time.

Daniel Obeng

A transparent and trustworthy process that made us feel safe in purchasing land. Only regret is that we didn't find them sooner.

- A. Mills (Jamaica)

Embrace the unique opportunity to anchor your legacy in the heart of Ghana. With Asarci Real Estates, it’s more than an investment; it’s a homecoming. Reconnect with your roots through the soil of your ancestors and be part of a future where heritage and progress walk hand in hand.

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Legacy and Opportunity

Owning land with Asarci Real Estates is more than a transaction—it's a passage to your heritage, a step towards securing your family's future, and an investment in one of the world's most welcoming communities. It's a chance to plant your feet firmly on the ground that echoes your ancestors' dreams, while seizing the economic momentum of a burgeoning nation. Make a move that marries sentiment with smart economics, and let your legacy flourish on Ghanaian soil.

We Do Things Differently

Our approach is personal, our processes are transparent, and our commitment is unwavering—to bridge continents and hearts. We believe that owning land in Ghana should be as meaningful as it is straightforward, which is why we pave the path for a seamless journey back home.

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