Buy Land, Design & Build Your Dream Home In Ghana. 

If you are on this page it’s only because the Land we provide has called you to it. Asarci is a town builder in Ghana that provides Land to the lovers of Africa who understand the importance of the reclamation, defence and development of Ghana and the continent of Africa

We do not ’Sell’ Land to anyone, we only provide it to those who where meant to be stewards of it. Our secondary and tertiary services are to design and build for our clients.

We are African Nationalists  

‘Asarci’ really spelt ‘Asase’ means LAND in the Akan language of Twi.


Asarci recognises Ghana and specifically Greater Accra as incredible value for all those seeking to secure a place in Africa to call home. A city that is highly accessible to the major international hubs and in which London shares its time-zone.

A peaceful democratic country that is pushing the narrative for those in the diaspora to return ‘home’. Ghana is a known beacon of light for those who have considered this return for business, pleasure or to settle permanently.

Whether you’re a Ghanaian abroad or you’re currently outside of Ghana as a Diasporan, Ghana welcomes you.